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International network of participants in mediation

A first international organisation on mediation specially dedicated to national and international justice, CIMJ places itself alongside international organisations serving the community and public interest such as public international courts of justice.


CIMJ acts in partnership with other important institutions on mediation, such as the International Academy of Mediators (IAM), the European Association of Judges on Mediation (GEMME), the American Bar Association, Law Societies, European Bar Councils and the Conference for Judicial Mediation of Canada.

The object of the international partnership on mediation is to spread knowledge on the art of negotiation and mediation to all continents ; to bring together nations, cultures and ethnic groups, through dialogue and mediation. This allows the differences between the people and states to become a source of enrichment and not one of conflict.
An instrument of conscience and unity in action, CIMJ wishes to provide facilities enabling citizens and states to find help on mediation within courts and entreaties so that they can peacefully resolve their differences. It provides the facilities to allow it to perform as a peacemaker within these conflicts.

The quality of its founding members, the skill of its academic advisers, the dedication and ethical strength of the members on its administrative committees, make CIMJ a springboard for the broadcasting of international mediation and the promotion of the peace.

The importance of CIMJ in 5 continents allows the creation of an international network for participants in mediation.