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The International Conference brings together people, organisations and associations.

Those who qualify as individual members of the International Conference are judges, policy makers, persons in office or retired persons, who occupy, amongst others the functions of mediator or conciliator in the context of national or international justice, academics and all qualified persons who express an interest in mediation for justice and attempt to achieve this goal.

Those who qualify as collective members of the International Conference are jurisdictions, national and regional associations of judges, policymakers or judicial mediators and educational institutions involved in the teaching of mediation.

Honorary Members may also be appointed.

Membership of CIMJ allows one to be part of the International Network of Participants in Mediation, to have access to privileged information, and participate in training sessions and seminars organised by CIMJ at preferential rates.

On its website, members also have additional and detailed information about the details, qualifications and experience of other members.

The Board of directors of the CIMJ fixed the following annual contributions, starting January 1st, 2012 :

  • Individual members and mediators: € 60
  • Group members and mediators (jurisdictions, associations, legal entities/moral persons): € 200


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